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When do you know you've made it?    My guess is never, if you are truly great- & a success striver. 


Lately I've come across a tremendous amount of stories and people who will inspire you and help you achieve your goals and continue striving. I am no longer working full-time in journalism (but I am working full time), which is why you will notice posts will be...

Inspiration from Istanbul

We experienced this inspiration from Istanbul. Go through this inspiring story from Istanbul to know more. We met a shop owner recently in Istanbul. He as a young teen walked all the way from Afghanistan to Istanbul. It took him eight months but he made it....

Video Interview with Law School Grad turned Leather Repairman Misak Pirinjian

The other day I was fortunate enough to catch up with Misak Pirinjian of Tony's Shoe and Luggage Repair in Mill Valley, California. Over two decades ago, after attending law school and then working in the field, he left for the leather repair business and has become...

Q and A with Nutritionist on Boosting Energy

There is so much talk about drinking your way to more energy, but does it really work? Here are four quick answers from nutritionist Leslie Malloy, Ph.D., to burning questions. Be sure to check out the energy drink nutrition breakdown website and the energy calculator links at the end of this post as well.

Four Lessons for an Effective Business Card

Even if you do not have a job, you should carry a business card so that when you meet someone the two of you can stay in contact. Here are four lessons for creating a clean and effective one even when your path may be a bit murky.

Insight from Tech Entrepreneur Mathieu Thouvenin

The Bay Area has many tech entrepreneurs and Mathieu Thouvenin is one of those special people. Before even moving here from the South of France he started GSM Online, one of the first French portals about mobile phones and once here his accomplishments include starting iPhone applications like Voila. When we met Thouvenin discussed his successes and offered tips for strivers. You want to read on.

Q & A with NYOF Founder Olga Murray

We often hear about devastation, but few of us actually take matters into our own hands. Olga Murray, founder of the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation, is one of those rare heroes. Read this exclusive interview with the altruist. Highlights include what spurred her action, how she did it, and how you can help.

How I Set a Sales Record

With budget slashes and high unemployment, being successful in anything is increasingly reliant on sales—and ways to engage transactions are relatively easy and can even be fun. Read these five ways I set a sales record while still attending high school, and then share your tips—so we can all continue improving.

Exclusive Audio Featuring Physician Michael Rokeach

There are many doctors, but Dr. Rokeach is inspiring because he is an emergency room one–in addition to being director of medical transport and chief of staff of his hospital, and president of the San Francisco Medical Society. Check out this audio of the California Pacific Medical Center physician on urgent care rounds, his coming to be a doctor, and advice for strivers.

Two Lessons on Advocacy from Pedro

Most Americans have come to see that myths about HIV are false. But much of this progress came from the struggles of advocates like Pedro Zamora. After watching his biopic, Pedro, I wrote this quick post to relay two traits–openness and passion–that helped raise HIV awareness during a time of ignorance. I hope this helps you secure success in HIV and/or other social justice work.

Exclusive Audio Featuring Leader Jim Fraser

Everyone has different mediums for accessing information, so additionally to the text recap here is the audio of insight from Jim Fraser, a former president of Levi Strauss and Company, a top 25 realtor, and a councilman. At under five minutes long, his experiences and lessons are surely worth your time.

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