This is fun, and being published for those in the back who didn’t realize the big companies dominating finance; It’s also reminding you of where your money is going when you invest in indexes like S&P 500. Both strategies typically foster the “Set it and Forget It” and many have major fines. They are fined because they were investigated, had findings, a report and clear supporting evidence for their violations. Don’t listen to these big firms when it comes to your precious dollars. They’re not credible

At Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, our ethics to do the right thing, no matter what, over decades (our team has been in finance decades especially me) were actually up in our accounts last week. The market had its worst day last Tuesday, since June of 2020. We were up. While the big institutions are having panic attacks, we’re having fun in Los Angeles with our analysts!

Here’s a list of the 100 most fined companies. If you see any of yours on this list, no matter how amazing your advisor may be (or seem but some are) you should have a complimentary consultation with us. These firms simply don’t allow their advisors even if they want to, to invest how they know they should. (Most advisors are being fed the big firm lies though and haven’t a clue.) Hence, year-to-date, majority of outside firm client accounts are down. Nobody who is advising you, a 20% drop, or $20,000 down in a $100,000 account, is not something you should continue experiencing. For $1,000,000 that’s a $200,000 loss. You need this money to continue investing.

The set it and forget it doesn’t work when you are investing on your own either, if you have even $50,000 you should get professional help. We are fee-based, this means we don’t mind if you should just simply go to cash and we lose that assets under investment revenue, you pay us a fee and we don’t take a commission. We are true fiduciaries – and understand how that is opposite the nasty world of finance over our career in big firms. Since 2017 we’ve had our independent registered investment advisory specializing in custom financial planning, fee-based financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, planning for education, separately managed accounts (so you are not thrown into a set it and forget it fund), real estate, qualified and non qualified tax planning (401ks, SEP IRAs, etc); and insurance.

I only tell you this because I want you in my cherished Success Striver community to experience better!

At my firm, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, we aim to be your best friends in financial and investment advising! No matter what you plan to do with the information, if your accounts are down, year-to-date, call/text us for a complimentary consultation: (424) 625 – 8943. We’re happy to help

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