Assertive communication skills for women in business can be the game-changer you need!Assertive communication is well-defined as a communication skill that is situated midway between confidence and assurance.  At times, it is inaccurately confused with the attribute of being aggressive. Actually assertive communication usually requires a person to defend a position firmly and persistently. It includes holding your stance or being confident in your decisions because assertive communication skills for women is a right that needs to be constantly exercised (as it is exercised for men). For women assertive communication is oftentimes a requirement to get taken seriously. In the finance world I come from, like much industry such as real estate you will get eaten alive if you aren’t assertive and paying attention to the bottom line. Success in your business goals particularly as a woman requires assertive communication skills.

Women in business, especially young strivers, may find everyday communication in their career challenging. How can I express my ideas, needs, and objectives with assertion, you may be wondering? If you’re not used to assertive communication skills as a woman in business, then the question arises: will I be perceived as forceful or pushy? (The answer is NO, unless the receiver has ulterior motives.) How can I drive the discussion in such ways that prompts my ideal results while keeping up a positive relationship with the individual(s) I’m connecting with? This question is key and we have answers to genuinely help you to be assertive and get what you want, all of it.

Numerous women need to build up assertive communication skills and this influences your respect in a positive manner. Here’s how assertive communication skills for women shows your business acumen:

  • Expected to communicate
  • Deliver a message effectively
  • Be heard without re-thinking yourselves
The goal of women in business when we communicate assertively is simple. We all want eternal happiness.

The goal of women in business when we communicate assertively is simple. We all want eternal happiness.

Finding the right balance among confidence and effective expression of your position is vital. 

Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is the award winning and innovative registered investment advisory with a focus like no other on win – win as much as possible and civil rights led fee based financial planning firm. We are female and minority owned (husband and wife), and know what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur or executive pretty much anywhere. You can hire us for Assertiveness Training for Women in Business and we’ll tailor the following advice on reinforcing workplace communications.

Defining Assertive Communication vs Passive or Aggressive Styles

The initial step to creating assertive communication skills is to recognize the differences between assertive, passive, and aggressive behavior.

Here’s the way each communication style is defined:

1. Assertive communication or behavior 

The act of communicating one’s views, feelings, and desires in a direct, clear, honest, and respectful way to other people.

2. Passive communication behavior

The act of ignoring, suppressing, or disregarding one’s thoughts, contemplations, sentiments, and needs by pulling out from a situation, intellectually, physically, or emotionally.

3. Aggressive behavior

The act of expressively and strongly standing up for one’s thoughts, feelings, and desires with neglect for the views, feelings, and necessities of others. 

Build Confidence and Self-Awareness to Support Assertive Communications in Business and Beyond

In the working environment, our communications and behavior can fall anyplace along the continuum from passive to aggressive. Various circumstances may require changing and innovative ways to deal with communication. However, expressing your thoughts and needs confidently while demonstrating respect to others is a steady style of assertive communication and is not to be confused with aggressive behavior or passive behavior which are both different.

Creating assertive communication skills is something beyond figuring out how to talk unexpectedly. Being assertive expects women to think clearly and assertively, feel confident, and behave positively. We can start to achieve these objectives by building up more profound self-awareness of our strengths and weaknesses; and increase our self-confidence. A strong sense of purpose and meaning relating to our goals helps makes being assertive a natural expression of your objectives.

A significant segment of developing conviction around what you are saying and turning out to be more assertive is recognizing challenges. To be honest, straightforward, and tolerating of what your identity is, is a vital part to the process in exercising assertiveness. Nobody knows our most inner deepest thoughts but our core beliefs drive everything. 

Our strong and weak points are better than what we do. By turning out to be more self-accepting and less self-critical you can begin to heal media and other forces that have inappropriately made you develop counterproductive thinking patterns. So we can find out how to be more assertive communicators and become less intimidated or unfriendly to the responses of others.

The Choice to Be Assertive for Women in Business

You can identify your “hot buttons” or “flight responses” through continuous reflection and self-awareness. And think of a more viable technique to address touchy situations and topics. Women need to pick whether to be assertive in their communications in the way dependent upon the situation. We additionally need to think about the outcomes of asserting or not asserting ourselves in our communication with others.

Side note: yes – communication for women in business takes significantly more effort for us women over men, but it does become second nature eventually, if not already! Stay at it, by being assertive you will be handsomely rewarded; and so will female ideas in general! Assertive communication is a requirement to succeed in high levels of business and you belong here. In fact you have a duty as an educated person to protect female led ideas because you know how much harder they are to get anywhere than any man’s.

True Happiness and Financial Freedom

By expressing ourselves and supporting our confidence with good thoughts and reminders of individual qualities we can begin our journey to true happiness and financial freedom. We can show actions that make us more agreeable when we unmistakably, legitimately, and purely express to others how we feel, think, and want.

How Else Can I Be an Assertive Communicator?

Here are a few guidelines that you can start implementing to build-up your assertive communication skills in business.

 Assertive Communication Skills that like any Skill You Can Learn for Business Success

  1. Know about manipulative behavior. Try not to permit others to force their requests or wishes up on you. Particularly make a point to stay assertive if the other direction conflicts with your standards or want.
  2. Show respect and honor for other people while effectively imparting your perspective. Express your feelings in the most logical manner you can; and work on utilizing “I” statements. Remain consistent with your emotions without inferring fault or passing off responsibility. You need to teach others why your vision matters and to do so be assertive.
  3. Accept compliments with grace. Say thanks instead of using lessening words. This seems like a straightforward thing. But women can sometimes feel the need to offer credit to someone else or dishonor the commendation that was offered to them. Avoid minimizing your role in something successful. It’s really important to your career and life advancements for opportunities you’d never expect that you share your contributions. This is how I was asked to be on the board overseeing Facebook’s C Suite and many other prominent individuals also as a renowned financial planner.
  4. Give your views at least one time during each meeting you join. Do not sit in silence or agree with the rest of the group out of simple propensity to please.  Make some noise and don’t worry what others think, you;’re a striver thus a trailblazer. So contribute—make others better or feel better but not at your expense always be an objective. Do this consistently.
  5. Don’t feel shy to state “no.” So, if you feel that something is being improperly designated to you, say so. Express strength – you are right to say if someone else should be doing it.
  6. Don’t say ‘sorry’ for something that you aren’t or should not be sorry for. Instead of utilizing words that end up lessening your durable reputation, just say what you truly mean.  State your needs. You may believe that others know what you require to do a job, but this isn’t necessarily true. The best leaders and professionals are the ones who ask for what they need. We know that not verbalizing this could sabotage success for those who we care about. Consistently being assertive matters. Especially in the long – run you’ll see its impact.
  7. Withdraw yourself from emotional circumstances. It is difficult to control the behavior of others, yet you can take a shot at observing your response to it. 
  8. Search for new encounters that permit you to venture outside of the box. Break free from being a traditionalist both in your professional and personal life. Women in business are still a new phenomena so just because you see your friends in it, don’t think your parents had the same experience.

Women fought their whole lives for the right to vote; and faced prison time for this allegedly misappropriated use of going against the state also known as the charge treason. The right to vote for women carries immeasurable weight from sacrifice of many women before us and frankly among us. The year I was born women weren’t allowed to take out a business loan.

Lastly, remember to not let anyone compromise you or irritate you as that only builds stress, anxiety, and uneasiness.   Utilize your confidence like a shield and use it as you build up a mentality of success.

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