We were going to title this magazine special edition the Diversity Edition. My team was more interested in calling it Culture because it’s not about the different people it’s about showcasing the beautiful cultures in and around our community. I will forever be blown away by the beauty of San Francisco and the journalists who have called it home. This is a big love letter to the team at {X}Press Magazine. Sometimes we call ourselves Xpress, sometimes we call ourselves Xpress Magazine, but we all have the same core beliefs: listening and being able to tell stories is an ethic. It’s in our training to do it right. Some journalists who I know don’t even vote because they take their ethics this strong; I am ethical but I still vote! I’m also not a practicing journalist I’m in finance but once a journalist always a journalist. That former chair challenged me and said “are you?” I will forever not judge anyone for their political or non political views. Cultural differences are beautiful and should never be abused; if you judge or abuse in any way, you lost the ethic that is so beautiful.editors-letter-diversity-issue.jpg

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