I don’t know how I just came across this interview with Joanna Lumley, but it’s so inspiring–especially for our young and establishing ladies!

Have you grown up? Are you true to yourself? I really encourage you to read Lumley’s take on “How to Live Your Life and Make it Glorious, ‘Darling'”

Lumley will help motivate you to be your best you, and we all need that at some point! Don’t waste your opportunity to hear from Lumley–I wasn’t looking for inspiration tonight, but I found it, and you always need to explore your opportunities no matter when they present themselves! Especially ones that help empower you to achieve your own greatness–from within you!  What are you capable of?

Joanna Lumley Success

Source: Disney Wiki – Fandom
Maldon & Burnham Standard

Joanna Lumley on how to live your life and make it glorious, darling

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