Despite controversies, today’s globalizing world remains in effect. To stay with the times, I want to get some multicultural relations points across. Here you go:

1. Learn Some Basics

My boyfriend had a business teacher named Ms. Thomas who drilled this into her pupils’ heads, and for good reason. Learning how to say and show greetings and appreciations in multiple languages is crucial to showing respect. And we all know how pivotal respect is to a relationship—it can start it.

2. Evaluate Your Own Practices and Beliefs

If you have not been socialized in an environment of multiple ideologies, then take a critical look at your own. This is because while maintaining tradition is vital to diversity, feeling culturally superior is not. So show dignity in your heritage by being secure and proud enough to also embrace others.

3. Make Friends Outside your Comfort Zone

This is important because it allows you to see the beauty in everyone and can even prompt interest in beneficial practices and ideas. Plus, what can be better than making a new friend? Especially one who can teach you such unique information.

4. Consider Becoming Bilingual

While translators and second language speakers may be around to communicate with in foreign places, there is no substitute for speaking the language yourself. This both prevents common misunderstandings and also enriches cultural perspectives, which is priceless.

Have more tips for multicultural relations? Be sure to share them! Your advice could possibly be the impetus for someone learning your culture —and subsequently kindling you two into best friends.

Also, want to learn a language but don’t know where to begin? Checkout these fabulous articles on  “web ways” from The New York Times here and here.

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