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Life Lessons as an Entrepreneur 

Life Lessons as an Entrepreneur 

As a finance leader and mentor, I want to share my life lessons as an entrepreneur to help you take charge of all your influential destinies, and this includes yours! An Unlikely Start It is helpful for individuals to see how an entrepreneur has achieved success. I...

Store success during COVID-19

Store success during COVID-19

Store success is a challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic, yet there is no shortage of successful entrepreneurs who have ventured in to help. We as entrepreneurs who initiated, established, and run a closely held mission-driven organization, Boracchia Wiviott Wealth...

Retirement Planning for Success

Retirement Planning for Success

If you've been wisely managing your finances through your life and therefore have quite a nice nest egg for your retirement, you are lucky. You are also on the road to financial success. Whether you got the money through wise investments in the stock market or through...

Battling the Recession

Battling the Recession

The recession of 10 years ago taught us alot. It also is what motivates us to help you be successful. We are your best friends in financial success! To learn more from your inspirational community – and gain more understanding of the parallels between then and now, read me, Lea’s article “Battling the Recession”

Assertive Communication Skills for Women in Business 

Assertive Communication Skills for Women in Business 

Assertive communication help your business goals as a woman in business get taken seriously. I know. The year I was born women still couldn’t take out a business loan. Yet I, a woman, became a fortune 100 leader in finance and beyond! Being you in business is a new phenomena. Learn the power you hold by honing your assertive communication skills.

Pandemic Purchasing

Pandemic Purchasing

One of the reasons we lead in the financial planning industry is because we are extraordinary researchers both in the books but also peer-to-peer. High anxiety times call for reminders and more understanding into the new foreseeable future to many.

Never Forget

Never Forget

To he or she who much is given, much is expected. You are on the road to success, you’ll get there. Let’s remember those who lost their lives fighting for freedom, even just by doing their jobs they may say. We’ll make you proud!

I’m Coming Out, Thanks For Your Support

I’m Coming Out, Thanks For Your Support

The stock market has historically been wealthy white, Anglo Saxon Protestant men. The girl was placed in a symbol of defiance, but no surprise to us few women in the stock market – she was removed. Look at her, it doesn’t matter what they say, she is ready to compete. Should we be afraid as female financial advisors?

This was the hardest letter I ever had to write

This was the hardest letter I ever had to write

I was always too young, too busy to do what I did. Peers nominated me in as Editor-in-Chief of renowned XPress Magazine otherwise at the time I would not have attempted. I take my role as editor, financial planner, mother, wife, advocate, mentor extremely serious. Goodbyes are really another beginning in our journey for success!

The Culture Issue

We were going to title this magazine special edition the Diversity Edition. My team was more interested in calling it Culture because it's not about the different people it's about showcasing the beautiful cultures in and around our community. I will forever be blown...

The Green Issue Editor’s Letter

It has never been a more suitable time to go back to the green issue. We will upload the full copy of the magazine shortly. For now I just needed to refresh the link to the Editor's Letter for some interviewing, and frankly, it's fun showcasing but as you all know my...

Road to Freedom

In honor of Black History Month, 2017 I want to showcase Jean Fisher's story. Jean Fisher is the first nonwhite voter in London in South Africa's monumental elections that shattered the legacy of apartheid. May we all fight for what we believe in and never give up....

Insight from the Brett Farmiloe, Author of Pursue the Passion

Hi Brett, thank you for taking the time to do a Q&A with me, Jennifer Hartnett, for Success Strivers! First of all, can you tell me a little about yourself and your background? I'm a published author, company founder and have a history of bringing unique ideas to...

Have you grown up? Are you true to yourself?!

Have you grown up? Are you true to yourself?!

I don't know how I just came across this interview with Joanna Lumley, but it's so inspiring--especially for our young and establishing ladies! Have you grown up? Are you true to yourself? I really encourage you to read Lumley's take on "How to Live Your Life and Make...

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